Pikmin 3 Trailer Gives You An Adorable Glimpse of Gameplay

on July 7, 2013 2:02 PM

Even though Pikmin 3 isn’t set to release until later this summer, Nintendo is giving us a sneak peek at gameplay with an all new trailer. The highly anticipated sequel was first shown at E3 2012 featuring a new rock Pikmin that can be used to break hard objects. Later Nintendo unveiled a new flying Pikmin type called Winged Pikmin, which flies around following the player, carry items and attacking  airborne enemies. The game  will also feature three different control schemes, off-TV play, co-op and more.  The 30-second trailer, which you can watch below, features Pikmin and the Winged Pikmin hauling food, carrying a giant pear, retrieving items from far off locations and marching obediently through the game’s world.

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