Pillars of Eternity ESRB Rating Reveals Prostitution, Strong Language and Violence

Pillars of Eternity ESRB Rating Reveals Prostitution, Strong Language and Violence

Pillars of Eternity, the community backed Kickstarter phenomenon that went on to raise over $4 million dollars has been rated by the ESRB, revealing a few new tidbits about the upcoming RPG.

Whilst we all expected a bit of violence in Pillars of Eternity, because you know, it is about running around dungeons whilst sticking arrows, swords and magic spells through the spines of dirty trolls and monsters, it’s a little surprising to find out that the game will feature the worlds oldest profession: prostitution.

Yes, players will be able to enlist the services of prostitutes for sexual favors, though as the ESRB notes, there’s never any on-screen nookie.

This is a role-playing game in which players assume the roles of heroes exploring a fantasy world. From a ¾-overhead perspective, players traverse dungeons/crypts, interact with different characters, and engage in various quests. Players use swords, axes, and magic spells to kill human enemies and fantastical creatures (e.g., dragons, trolls, ogres). Battles are accompanied by slashing impact sounds and frequent blood-splatter effects. Some levels depict chamber floors covered in large pools of blood. During the course of the game, players can interact and purchase services from a prostitute—no sexual act is ever depicted. The dialogue can also reference sexual material (e.g., “The prostitute holds her hips, thrusting her chest forward as you come near her” and “But if he spreads a rumor that her lover has just visited a brothel and acquired a pox on his loins, she’ll end it on her own.’). The word “f**k” appears in dialogue.

If that’s not enough to get you blushing, the language isn’t exactly clean either. The ESRB description mentions that the naughty ‘F’ word appears in dialogue, so if you’ve got sensitive ears on the sides of your head, you’ve been warned.

Obsidian recently opened a poll to let backers choose whether they want to receive their physical copy without the disc and get the digital copy instead, but you can read more on that through here.