Pilot Sports Soars onto Nintendo Switch and PS4 on October 4th

Pilot Sports by Wild River and Z-Software will be taking to the skies with a Nintendo Switch and PS4 release on October 4th

on September 19, 2018 3:17 PM

Pilot Sports, a charming and vibrant arcade flying game from publisher Wild River and the development team at Z-Software, touches down on Nintendo Switch and PS4 on Thursday, October 4th.

Take yourself to the skies with over 50 really fun looking courses and see how you can handle jetpacks, hang gliders, parachutes, and airplanes as you do your best to complete challenges. All of the flying equipment handles differently, so a maneuver that works, for example, the hang glider may not for the jetpack.

You’ll have a choice of 8 characters to fly around tropical islands with a variety of disciplines, collectibles, and an unlockable explorer mode plus, with its four-player split-screen multiplayer, it’s a great excuse to get the whole family around for a bit of friendly (or not, maybe) competition.

Key features in Pilot Sports:
  • More than 50 courses
  • 8 playable characters
  • 7 different types of challenges
  • A variety of aircrafts (airplane, jetpack, two versions of hang gliders, parachutes
  • Bonus unlockable discovery courses to explore the sunny island
Pilot Sports will be available on Nintendo Switch and PS4 on Thursday, October 4th, but in the meanwhile, take a look at some screenshots below to tide you over.
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