Pimple Popper is Now Available on App Store

on September 15, 2010 8:30 PM

Pimple Popper is Now Available on App Store

As I was growing up, I was plagued with the curse of having zits. I know, already too much information that you didn’t really want to know about me. Aaanyway, I’m sure that many of you were also plagued by the curse of having pimples. Now, you’ll be able to release some of that tension from those zitty days. No, there is not a game about Oxy Pad cleansing, and don’t expect Jessica Simpson to jump out of your iPad screen selling you ProActiv either. Sorry to burst your bubble, or pimple, if you want to get technical.

But, a game about pimple popping has in fact seen the light of day though, and is sitting at the #1 free app in 42 countries, including USA; being downloaded over 2 million times. Wow, I never thought that popping those pesky pimples would have so much popularity, but I guess this is definitely a great way to get rid of that built-up teen angst.

Pimple Popper can be found on the App Store as the Full or Lite version, and you can download them by clicking the links. Prepare to start popping those pesky pus-filled pimples with a pinch of powerful pointer fingers. Now, say that 5 times fast…

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