Pine Launches on Steam Greenlight; Gets Beautiful New Trailer

Pine Launches on Steam Greenlight; Gets Beautiful New Trailer

As you may remember, back in October, 3D action adventure game, Pine, went live on Square Enix Collective. What was shown personally caught my eye, and the potential of some of the game’s systems had me even more excited.

Fast forward to today, and developer Twirlbound has announced that it has launched on Steam Greenlight and will be launching a Kickstarter on March 9th, supported by Square Enix Collective. The game is planned for PC, but could come to PS4 and Xbox One if its crowdfunding campaign allows for it.

As we have previously detailed, Pine is an action adventure game that adapts to you, using advanced AI and an intricate game ecology system. The game recognizes your style of play and patterns, and its creatures and world react and adapt to you specifically on what choices you make and how you play.

In the game, you play as Hue, a “shy but smart” young adult who belongs to one of the last remaining tribes on the island of Albamare. You will have to fight for not only your survival but for your species, and will need to overcome your fear of the outside world, embarking on “wondrous adventure to find your way to a new home.”

As hinted out above, every action or inaction in Pine has an effect. According to Twirlbound, the manner in which you explore the island of Albamare and the way in which you interact with its many inhabitants, defines how the world will change.

Tying into this mechanic is the game’s interesting and unique survival of the fittest system, that take places even when you’re not involved. As the developer puts it, Pine is world-centric, meaning things will happens across the island even without your involvement. Every species on the island will do what it can to survive, which can result in smaller power shifts to the utter extinction of a group. The world of Albamare is constantly living, and constantly evolving.

The game’s dynamic weather system and natural day/night cycle will also implement changes to how Albamare’s inhabitants act. For example, based on their specific needs, some species will try to find shelter during storms or on cold nights, or even move to a new territory in large migrations. According to Twirlbound, the weather can be your worst enemy or an ally.

As for gameplay, Pine features a “solid” and “varied” combat system, which is said to be inspired by the “dance-like” attacks and dodges of Bloodborne. Rather uniquely, enemies will learn how you fight over time, and will physically evolve their combat style to face you. In turn you will have to adapt to them.

As you embark upon the quest to save your tribe and find a new home, you will begin to uncover details about the history of the island, and how its current evolutionary course came to pass. Additionally, as you explore, the island will provide you everything you need, including many mysterious and helpful contraptions that will change the way you traverse, interact and fight. For example, you may find an igniter to scare away some creatures, an airglider to cruise around in the sky, or some climbing axes to scale the highest cliffs.

Pine has been in development for roughly 2 years, and went into production last year after an extensive pre-production phase to research the game’s experimental systems. Twirlbound has said it has taken to Steam Greenlight to cultivate a larger audience, and to start integrating the Steam platform into the game. As mentioned above, it is also making its way to Kickstarter on March 9th, where more details on the game will be shared.

In the meanwhile, you can check out the new trailer, below: