Piranha Games Shares Info on BattleMech Combat Systems for MechWarrior Online

Piranha Games Shares Info on BattleMech Combat Systems for MechWarrior Online

In a Developer’s Blog today, Piranha Games gave up detailed information on how the BattleMech Combat Systems works for MechWarrior Online.  The blog highlights not only gameplay experience but also mech operations, heat management, weapon systems, ammunition, and the basic controls.

Mech operations follow the usual WSAD controls, along with pivot, full stop, and torso twisting by using the mouse. Heat management is also used to balance combat since firing weapons produce heat. If the BattleMech overheats, it will shut down. The pilot will be able to override the shutdown, at the risk of blowing himself up. 

Movement hindrance is also in-game for example, moving uphill will slow you down.

Weapon systems are broken down into three categories: Energy (lasers, flamers, PPCs), Ballistic (gauss, machine guns, autocannons) and Projectiles (missiles, artillery). Weapons come in different weights and sizes. Ammunition must be used for all weapons, except lasers and PPCs.

The HUD has the damage readout, throttle, jump jets bar, and speedometer. There are eight hit locations (left and right arm, left and right leg, left, right and center torso, and the head. Throttle is used to reach a desired speed and jump jets can be used until depleted. The bar for jumping recharges while remaining on the ground.

Combat requires the use of aim reticles, understanding weapon readiness, and reading five different levels of targeting information that the pilot can receive about the enemy.

You can find the complete Dev Blog here.