Update: Pirates of Black Cove Beta Sign-ups

Update: Due to “overwhelming” demand, the sign-ups for Pirates of Black Cove closed beta has been closed. Nitro Games Ltd., Brendon Coo, commented on why the sign-up applications were taken down.

“We wanted to avoid too many disappointed gamers, since this is a closed BETA with limited spots, it made no sense to keep the application open as we have already exceeded the expected number of applicants by a land slide. All I can say is, Shiver me timbers, I mean we expected that Pirates of Black Cove would hoist a few sails because it’s so very different from anything we’ve done to date, but this many closed beta applications is just awesome. Finally, we would like to thank everyone for their interest in our game and continue working hard to meet the expectations people have on us and the game.”

Nitro Games, developer of Pirates of Black Cove, has allowed gamers to sign up for the PC game’s closed beta period. This RTS/RPG takes place in the Caribbeans during the 16th century. If you couldn’t guess, you’ll be a pirate and commandeer a ship while exploring the golden era of pirates. Head on over to Paradoxplaza.com before March 31st and have the potential chance to join the closed beta. Check the teaser trailer to Pirates of Black Cove after the break.

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