Pit People Early Access Changes Detailed by The Behemoth

on January 10, 2017 9:37 AM

The Behemoth released a full list of the changes between the closed beta and Early Access versions of Pit People today.

The list includes a wide variety of changes, from the addition of new animations to brand new content. You can read the full list below:

  • Overall bug fixes
  • Texture optimization
  • Adjustments to Horatio’s intro level
  • Papastrella\Pipistrella cinematics updated
  • Adjustments to Bully Beach
  • Bridgeside Bandit cinematic added
  • Help section moved to first layer of pause menu
  • Help section updated
  • Survival guide updated
  • Gore setting adjustments
  • World Map Wagon animations added
  • Improvements in artwork for more clear planning phase
  • More commentary narration in battles (more to come)
  • Various HUD and UI improvements
  • More fighter names added
  • City art updated
  • Prices of House slots altered
  • Character animations updated
  • Hundreds of unlocks added
  • Kobolds now customizable
  • Troll Moms now customizable
  • Rainbow Horses now customizable
  • Overall balance “nudges” to characters and weapons
  • More City music tracks
  • More battle music tracks
  • Blue Player 2 color changed from Purple to Dark Blue
  • Damage flags now show Blue Player 2 color and Red Player 2 color
  • Spectators can now see player cursors
  • Replays are now saved on disk rather than cloud save
  • Pixie voice added
  • Pandora voice added
  • Rainbow Horse voice added
  • Added 30 more Bonus Missions
  • Added 4 more Side Quests
  • Added 2 more World Maps
  • Online Arena Lobby anonymity changed from manual control to game-automated
  • English subtitles updated
  • A portion of supported languages added in subtitle options
  • Players can start an online session with a ghost partner team and spectators can join
  • Notifications are shown when the ghost partner team is activated or deactivated
  • An “MVPP” is now shown in battle results
  • The game automatically disconnects from an online session if host player is alone and idle for 5 minutes
  • The house shows the first local player’s roster count and total kill count
  • The market refreshes after a vs. battle is finished
  • Completed quests are turned in to the city immediately, letting you stay on the world map and take on more quests
  • A warning is shown when a player tries to sell an item or fighter but has maximum gold
  • Text chat is available regardless of controller mapping
  • Players can disconnect from a network game via the pause menu
  • Videos are paused when player switches focus
  • A cinematics volume setting was added
  • The comm icon menu can be used whenever the auto-battler is active
  • Push to talk is on by default
  • Tournament points are awarded even if the system clock is up to 15 minutes off the server clock
  • Fighters can still heal fully by accruing enough experience points at max level
  • Narrator commentary was added in various contexts e.g. when a fighter dies
  • Players can choose instant text speed
  • Players can’t have more than 10 of most items now
  • When a player has the maximum number of an item and receives a new one, they receive 85 gold instead
  • Gore is turned off by default in Germany and Australia
  • Steam: The wagon can be driven with mouse
  • Steam: Clicking anywhere dismisses one-button prompts
  • Steam: There’s now a button to open the replay folder
  • Steam: Some Nyko and Saitek controllers are now supported
  • Steam: Players are given items for ownership of Castle Crashers and/or BattleBlock Theater
  • Xbox One: Players are given items for ownership of Castle Crashers Remastered

More quests, collectible items, story missions, and world maps are still being worked on for the game, and will be added to Pit People as its period in Early Access continues. Closed beta players will also be able to salvage their save file and carry it over into the Early Access version of the game.

Pit People is coming to Early Access on Steam and the Xbox One Game Preview Program January 13.

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