Pit People Update 3: Emporer’s Orders Adds Minimap and Daily Tasks

Pit People Update 3: Emporer’s Orders Adds Minimap and Daily Tasks

The Behemoth released Update 3: Emporer’s Orders for Pit People on PC. This update fixes bugs, as well as adding other things such as a minimap and daily tasks.

You can take a look at the patch notes below:

  • Daily Tasks have been introduced. These tasks include Co-op in each one of the Pit modes (PVP and Unfair Challenge) and will also involve completing a Quest in Co-op. Get ready to work together! The Emissary will give you the info once you’ve completed the introduction and have logged in for the first time that session.
  • The Emperor’s Orders have been introduced. Once your current order is completed, a new one will pop up. Look for the Emissary on the side of your screen! Chain those rewards! There’s no limit to how many you can do per day.
  • Both the Daily Tasks and Emperor’s Orders will grant gold/items immediately upon completion.


  • Survival Guide now has two COLLECTIONS pages for unlocks
  • Survival Guide now has MINI-MAP reference guide (When outside the city, you can bring up the MINI-MAP with your Survival Guide button – the default is F1)
  • Survival Guide MINI-MAP will show the city location and all available WORLDMAP quests
  • Survival Guide now has DAILIES and EMPEROR’S ORDERS pages
  • House Menu has a completely reworked equipment area (“Paper Doll” interface)! Many of the creature menus are placeholder and will be updated by Update 4.
  • House Menu now shows +DODG tradeoff icons
  • Slightly reworked most pop-ups that have dialogue in them
  • Higher resolution icons for in-fight advanced cursor hovering
  • Option to turn off Camera Bobbing
  • Option to lock cursor to game window
  • Option to show Execute Turn button for mouse users
  • Option to mute game when window is not in focus


  • Small chance to find colored names, wavy names, or shaking names of any possible ‘standard’ name in the game. They can potentially have two effects on them.
  • Rainbow Horse Horns now have pretty, pretty rainbowy trails
  • Archers now ‘wiggle’ in a placeholder struggle animation when encroached. This is to avoid confusion of the archer thought to be ‘firing’ point-blank when they are really just doing a weak melee attack.
  • Balance changes to Light Swords, Gnomes, Kobolds, Electrobots, Vampiress, Zombies, Gorgon, Octoclops, Mushroom, Humans, Wraith, The Stinger. Most changes are very small.
  • More names have been added.


  • Added new lines for the narrator in certain situations.
  • Readjusted narrator “impatient” commentary.
  • Narrator volume adjustable


  • Ignore text chat from muted players
  • Miscellaneous cursor fixes
  • Fixed a rare crash when exiting the game
  • Added button mapping for Hori Gem Pad 3
  • Mouse wheel can now be used with the survival guide within the house
  • Improve handling of lost network packets
  • Prevent blind-locking
  • A yellow outline appears on the selected fighter in battles
  • Added a separate audio channel for the narrator with its own volume slider
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when returning to the lobby after a PVP match with 4 players and 1-2 spectators
  • Fixed issues with gunner keyboard/gamepad controls
  • Players can do their battle planning while AI and the auto battler are planning
  • Fighter stat numbers at the end of the battle can now have 4 digits
  • Support more colors for colored text
  • Fixed a multiplayer desync issue related to AI gnomes
  • Options menus now scroll
  • Delay rider attacks until mount has finished attacking
  • Added a world map progress tracker that shows how many regions and area missions are complete

Known Issues

  • Saying No in the Serf’s Up Quest can cause a progression bug AKA, your Wagon will be stuck and you won’t be able to return home for that session.
  • Players may see Emperor’s Orders updates from online player’s progress

This update does not yet have a release date for Xbox One. Pit People is currently available in Early Access on PC, and on Xbox One through the Xbox Game Preview Program.