Behemoth’s Pit People Receives New Content with Update 4 and a 20% Discount

Behemoth’s Pit People Receives New Content with Update 4 and a 20% Discount

The Behemoth sent out a press release today detailing Update 4: Vibrant Villains for Pit People. The Steam Early Access version of the game is also 20% off.

The Behemoth continues to support their work in progress strategy game Pit People, with an update that happily coincides with Steam’s summer sale. Update 4, otherwise known as ‘Vibrant Villains’, was announced a few months back and adds a bunch of additional features including new maps, quests, and new bonus missions. All in all this will add about 5 hours of content to the game. The patch is available for Steam Early Access and Xbox One Game Preview users. PC owners can also enjoy 20% off from the beta price of $14.99. According to the press release, the total combined savings will be 45% off from the official full release price. And before you ask, no, they haven’t announced when the game will be done and ready for a proper launch.

The Behemoth gave these details for the Vibrant Villains update. It will feature:

  • new story missions
  • 2 new multi-part city quests
  • A whole new world map with 15 new bonus missions

And for those unfamiliar with Pit People, the indie publisher had this refresher for potential players:

“In this fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure players will quest and explore, find awesome loot, customize fighters, and recruit strange species! Pit People is a strategic game of positioning with single player story mode, two player co-op story mode, and up to four players for 2v2 in the Arena. The Pit People Early Access experience currently includes the intro parts to the Story mission, plus access to several world maps, quests, Unfair Challenge against the AI, and Versus mode. All multiplayer modes can be played locally or online.”

Update 3 for the game was released in March so the Behemoth has been good about getting these content patches out in an efficient manner. And of course in between the major additions, the company has been putting Hotfixes out to make sure the game is running smoothly and without issue. Hopefully these new features along with the Steam Summer discount will be enough to bring in a bunch of new players to this quirky strategy game.