Pixel Artist Hacks and Slashes in Elden Ring Side Scroller Fan Art

May 9, 2022

Vietnam-based artist u/hanpnguyen13 reimagines FromSoftware’s Elden Ring as a combat-heavy side scroller game with beautifully animated pixel fan art.

FromSoftware’s games have an extremely distinct visual style, and Elden Ring is no different. Darker in tone, the game blends highly detailed realism with medieval fantasy elements. This aesthetic always adds an air of intensity, crafting a game experience that lets its players know they’re going on a harrowing adventure right from the very beginning.

There’s no denying that its recognizable visual style suits the action-RPG genre perfectly, but what would Elden Ring look like in a different genre? Or, even further, in an entirely different visual aesthetic? Well, Vietnam-based pixel artist u/hanpnguyen13 gave his own interpretation of Elden Ring, this time reimagining the game’s style in gorgeous Elden Ring side scroller fan art.

u/hanpnguyen13’s Elden Ring Side Scroller Pixel Art

u/hanpnguyen13, or Han, is a pixel artist based in Vietnam. With five years of experience under his belt, u/hanpnguyen13 is a fan of reimagining games in the pixel art style. Though he doesn’t just recreate his favorite games – he adds a genre twist that puts them in a new light.

This particular piece, which was originally posted to the r/PixelArt subreddit, is an awesome animation of an Elden Ring scene. Depicting a Tarnished prepping themselves to fight against boss Margit, the Fell Omen, the animation captures the detail of the game in a brighter aesthetic.

Following a series of potion buffs, the Tarnished appears to use an ability called Ash of War: Seppuku. Though this ability forces players to cause damage to themselves, it increases the player’s attack power and Bleed effect potency. A high-risk-high-reward strategy, for sure, but one that can be extremely effective against major bosses like Margit.

While Margit is an optional boss, he is certainly one of the game’s most well-known. Taking residence in Stormhill, a region that leads up to Stormveil Castle, Margit serves as a preliminary boss before the Legacy Dungeon Stormveil Castle.

Looking at u/hanpnguyen13’s fluid animation, I almost wish we had a pixel art side scroller version of Elden Ring! Though the 3D challenge is removed from combat, this perspective brings more of a focus on the details and targeted attacks of the enemy. Additionally, its brighter color palette lends itself a fun, almost-nostalgic retro feel.

Be sure to check out his work on his portfolio site! Otherwise, Elden Ring is available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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