Piyotama Hatching On PSP Soon

By Yaris Gutierrez

July 26, 2010

If you haven’t played Piyotama, a PlayStation Network puzzler, you’ve probably deprived yourself from one of the most addicting, and delightful games on the PlayStation 3’s PSN library. If your sole reasoning behind not giving the game a go has something to do with you not owning a PlayStation 3, then you’re forgiven. Otherwise, you’re going to hell. Okay, you’re probably not going to burn in a fiery pit because you didn’t purchase or play Piyotama, but you should probably be ashamed of yourself. It’s a fun game. In fact, it’s so fun that the game is making its way onto the PSP this week, for you on-the-go players.

Piyotama has you matching colored eggs, helping them hatch before they congest a bird’s (not sure what kind of bird; might be a genetic fusing of a chicken and a pigeon) nest. When you match four eggs, a hatching process takes place and all the little chicken-pigeon babies pop out and descend down your screen onto a platform of god-knows-what. If they don’t hatch… well, let’s just say they’re not going to be making it to the sequel. The PSP version, unlike the PlayStation 3 one, will feature a timed mode, along with global leaderboards for a competitive and absolute way to ridicule your friends.

Piyotama is scheduled to release tomorrow with the PlayStation Store update, and will only cost you a measly, and worthy, $4.99. If you’re one of those people who tend to travel by subway and/or bus on a daily basis, this is a great way to distract you from the pestering hobos dancing for change, or the teens and grown folk pretending to sell candy in exchange for personal salvation (we know damn well it’s for some mind-blowing narcotics). Do yourself the favor, get you some Piyotama and all your excruciating travels will go away… momentarily.

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