PLANET ALPHA’s Launch Trailer Displays a Universe of Color and Danger

PLANET ALPHA’s Launch Trailer Displays a Universe of Color and Danger

The latest trailer for Team 17’s PLANET ALPHA shows an array of the beautiful settings available within the game and the dangers that lie in wait.

The ongoing “games-as-art” debate has been a long and jaded affair. More to the point, those pushing the no side of the argument have obviously never seen a game like PLANET ALPHA.

Long-standing indie outfit Team 17’s latest release is absolutely gorgeous to behold, as detailed in its latest trailer. Starting off on a harsh and jagged alien desert, the trailer begins to walk us through a number of the spectacular environments that the game has to offer. Along the way, we see beautiful scenery including vibrant purple plant-life that gives the area screen a subtle tint, enormous majestic beasts wandering the landscape, and great canyons that give the 2D platformer a real feeling of depth.

Of course, PLANET ALPHA is not a safe place to explore. There are lazer blasts to avoid from enemy drones that erupt into beautiful light displays, falling platforms that drop into seas of molten lava below, creatures that snap their hungry jaws from the background, and giant orbs that crash through pathways causing you to change course on a dime. Although PLANET ALPHA is thick with danger, its art-style ensures that it is still gorgeous in its execution.

PLANET ALPHA  is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. For a closer look at the game, you can check out its launch trailer below: