Planet Coaster Free Winter Update Out Today; New Trailer Released

Planet Coaster Free Winter Update Out Today; New Trailer Released

Hey, do you want to celebrate the holidays with some rollercoasters? Well good news, Planet Coaster’s free Winter Update is out today, and with it comes a host of new rides, winter themed decor, management features, and more.

Here are the full update notes:

New Rides
• Collider! The winner of our community poll with 41.57% of the votes – a retro sci-fi ride with 20 swinging gondolas on a horizontal Ferris Wheel that rises to an angle of 87 degrees.
• Bumpin Derby; a long-time favourite has found its way into Planet Coaster! Give a fist bump to these bonkers bumper cars!

Management Improvements
• Macro management features added; in the Attraction and Shops tab you can globally set prices, sync shops and open/close attractions.
• There is now an ‘All Staff’ view, which lets you change their salary, training level, roster, and workload all at once!
• You can now also place multiple staff members of the same type simultaneously in your parks!
• Ride/Coaster prestige is now shown on the Info panel and changes with time (initially decreasing and then increasing as the ride gains classic status.) Prestige is also communicated in the form of guest thoughts and notifications.
• A recently used tab has now been added to each browser category.
• A delete path button makes it that it’s easier to change around your pathing!

Three new Scenarios!
Festive King Coaster’s Crackers will let you earn up to nine more stars – be sure to think about your ride prestige…

New Shops
• Cosmic Cow Ice Cream; get some actual snow cones!
• Gulpee Soda; joining the Gulpee family!
• Missy Good; donut worry, be happy! Missy Good’s sugary goodness will cheer you right up!
• Pipshot; a healthy alternative to the fast food goodness – and there’s three of them! Pipshot Water, Pipshot Juice, and Pipshot Smoothie are going to blow your guests’ minds.
• Pizza Pen; get it while it’s hot and cheesy!

Winter Theme and Scenery Objects
• Snow/Ice Biome; it’s getting chilly in your park! Explore this beautiful Arctic biome in Sandbox or Challenge mode.
• Snow Objects; create realistic snow-covered areas and build your own snowman!
• Gingerbread wall set; we can’t wait to see the creative gingerbread houses you can build in-game!
• Winter Scenery; decorate your park with a lovely Christmas tree or a carolling choir.
• Festive King Coaster is your latest addition to the Entertainer family!

New Transport/Tracked Rides
• Sleigh Ride; jingle all the way with these tracked snowy sliders!
• Iron Horse; a new transport ride for your park visitors to choo around your area.

New Coaster Blueprints
• Screamer (the American Arrow)
• Lycanthrope (Werewolf)
• The Hunt (Pioneer)
• Frenzy (Rage)
• Trailer Blazer (Aethon)

The update also comes with a variety of the usual bug fixes, and balance and stability improvements. Additionally, it also now allows you to press F5 to transport you back into the game rather than the menu.

As mentioned above, the update is free and will be available on PC via Steam at some point today. Below, you can check out the new trailer: