Planet Zoo's Gamescom Trailer is a Cuteness Overload

Planet Zoo and it's ridiculously adorable animals are stealing the hearts and minds of Gamescom.

Planet Zoo is the second Planet game put out by simulation game masterminds Frontier Developments. Each game in the line is a spiritual successor to one of Frontier’s older, pre-Elite: Dangerous days. In this case, Planet Zoo is the follow-up to Zoo Tycoon. At Gamescom, the team has put out a bunch of new content for your viewing pleasure. Give the first new trailer a watch below.

The first thing you’ll notice is how adorable all of the zoo animals are. It’s a little weird to see these life-like animals put next to cartoony human models; however, I think it mostly works. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of sports titles where the crowd isn’t the focal point and their models boast way fewer details than the players on the field. The same is true here. I’m not here to see Bernie the zoo worker or Mary the little girl that wants to watch the ostriches. No, I want to see that cute baby elephant kick a soccer ball.

Planet Zoo puts a big focus on the story mode. You’ll be able to build up your zoos animal population and even modify different animal’s genomes. This allows you to better control things like your animal’s size and life expectancy. Further, the game features a breeding system, which makes sense given how often zoos are used to help foster the population of endangered animals.

Planet Zoo is out for PC on November 5. While you wait, feel free to watch the 16-minute video the team put out on scenarios below.

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Ricky Frech

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