The Animals of Planet Zoo Continue to Be the Cutest in Launch Trailer

Planet Zoo is out today on PC and the game looks like an in-depth experience that will please simulation fans everywhere.

Frontier Developments’ Planet Zoo is out today on PC. The game is a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon and uses all the lessons Frontier learned in making Planet Coaster. Early reviews are trending positive and, if nothing else, those animals are absolutely adorable. Give the launch trailer a watch below.

Planet Zoo lets you build your dream zoo in what the team is calling “the ultimate zoo sim“. Frontier Developments promises that these will be some of the most authentic animals in video games. For example, wolves have the same pack mentality that they do in real life. If you just put one wolf in your zoo, chances are they won’t thrive. The game features over 50 animals for you to bring to your zoo. With each of them simulating their real-life counterpart, you can see how this quickly becomes a deep simulation of zoo building.

The game features both a sprawling campaign to get you starting and a sandbox mode that lets you create to your heart’s content. You’ll need to create specific habitats and meet certain requirements to get new animals into your zoo. And, once they’re there, you’ll be able to use the in-game breeding system to help certain species increase their population. Heck, the game even features animal genomes, which you can modify to change size, fertility, and more. It’s fair to say that player’s who really want to get into Planet Zoo will have every opportunity to do so.

Planet Zoo is looking like a great package for players who want to jump into an incredibly deep simulation game. If you tweaking menus and micromanagement, this might be right up your alley. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait any longer to find out. Planet Zoo is available now on PC.

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