Planetside 2 Will Be Free to Play and Is Almlost Ready For Beta

June 19, 2012

Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley had some interesting news recently that fans of Planetside will be interested to hear. First off, Planetside 2 will be “completley free to play.” Unfortunately he doesn’t give any details on just how the game will be supported, such as ingame advertisements or micro-transactions. Still it should be a good way to get people to try the game for the struggling MMO developer. Sony Online Entertainment has been loosing it’s market share the past several years with multiple failed games and the declining popularity of it’s flagship Everquest series.


Speaking of trying the game though, he also confirms that the beta is just weeks away, so you will be able to try it out fairly soon. Smedley didn’t give a release date other then to say that it would be based off how beta goes, which is always good to hear in terms of polish. In addition, he also claims that the game will be able to support as many as two thousand players fighting in one area. That seems a bit hard to believe, but I suppose we’ll see how they handle it with the beta.

Miranda Quillen

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