Planetside 2’s Latest Update Adds Wieldable Knives, Profile Banners and More

on December 19, 2014 9:00 PM

Planetside 2 received a substantial update yesterday, adding several new gadgets for players to toy with and squashing several bugs.

Chief among these new additions is the ability for players to wield knives, with players being able to swing faster and hit harder, being more effective than the quick knife melee ability. New knives have also been added to all three factions, and although they may be slower than the default knives they can switch fire modes to deal extra damage and emit audio and visual effects.

Engineers also benefit from the addition of Spitfire turrets that can be deployed to attack all enemies within 50 meters. Customizable player banners have made their way into the game that can be edited from the ‘My Profile’ menu and displayed during your death screen. Rounding out the update changes are spawning snowmen for the game’s winter holiday event that can be destroyed for XP and new holiday items are available in the store, including the new “Icikill” knife and “Season’s Greetings” profile banner.

For all of the balancing changes and bug fixes, you can checkout the full announcement on the Planetside 2 forums. Planetside 2 is can be played for free no on PC and is set to release into beta on PS4 sometime in early 2015.

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