Plants vs Zombies 3 Formally Announced, Pre-Alpha Available Now on Android

Plants vs Zombies 3 Formally Announced, Pre-Alpha Available Now on Android

The third installment in the Plants vs Zombies series is alive and available for play right now for some.

Pop Cap Games and EA announced this morning that Plants vs Zombies 3, the latest sequel in the popular mobile series, is now officially in the works.

While the game isn’t formally launching today, Pop Cap has released a playable version of Plants vs Zombies 3 that some may be able to get their hands on. As of now, PvZ3 is available in a pre-alpha phase that some can download right now via Google Play. Only a certain number of people will be able to download the game in phases and Pop Cap recommends you check back frequently to see if it will be open for you. As of this writing, the pre-alpha is also only open to Android users.

The pre-alpha is said to contain quite a few bugs, but this is Pop Cap’s reason for releasing it as such so that the community can help them improve the experience. The pre-alpha focuses mainly on combat features from the game with the full game having “a lot more” later on.

At the moment, there’s not a whole lot else to say about Plants vs Zombies 3. Pop Cap says once it irons out a number of things in the future, then it will start to talk about a worldwide release date. For the time being though, no release date, or even a window, has been committed to.

Plants vs Zombies 3 will also likely come to iOS down the road, but plans haven’t been given yet on when this might be. We’ll keep you posted moving forward as the development of PvZ3 advances.