Plastic Surgeon Hank Chien Beats Steve Wiebe’s Donkey Kong Record, I Stop Caring

on January 11, 2011 8:30 PM

Plastic Surgeon Hank Chien Beats Steve Wiebe's Donkey Kong Record, I Stop Caring

2007 documentary The King of Kong (now available for streaming on Netflix watch instantly) manages to take one of the nerdiest things in the WORLD, competing for the high score in arcade classic Donkey Kong, and make a totally compelling film out of it. Throughout the film we follow gamer Steve Wiebe on his quest to topple current high-score holder Billy Mitchell from his throne (spoilers: he does it). The movie is a fun ride but the adventure is a bit diminished by how easy it seems to be to beat these records. Hell, Billy Mitchell got his high score back almost immediately after they finished filming and since then it’s been passed back and forth like a joint.

Things really reached a ridiculous head in the last few months when in August, Billy Mitchell beat the Donkey Kong high score with 1,062,800 points — 1,100 points more than the previous record score. With his game still in-progress, Mitchell quit once he reached a high enough score. “Some say I’m being cocky. Some say I’m being lazy. I say, I’m being Billy Mitchell.” Later that SAME month Wiebe reclaimed his spot at the top with 1,064,500 points.

Now neither of them hold the high score.

Twin galaxies reports that plastic surgeon Hank Chien is now the current record holder with 1,068,000 points. This is the second time Chien has had the top score, he held it when Mitchell reclaimed the score in August.

Why don’t these guys play a real game like Halo or Blops?

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