Platinum Games Addresses Bayonetta 2 Rumors

So, we may have been instigating a ridiculous amount of hype pertaining to tweets famed creator Hideki Kamiya made regarding a sequel to the acclaimed Bayonetta. We may have taken the tweets out of context and dissected their every possible meaning in a lengthy editorial. We may have been perpetuating Bayonetta 2 rumors like they were fact.

Well, Platinum understands we meant no harm. They want the game as much as we do. When asked by Eurogamer about the practically confirmed title, Co-founder of P* Games Atsushi Inaba replied:

“There is no concrete plan or schedule that we can talk about, It’s not like Kamiya said, ‘Okay, we’re going to make this. But Bayonetta is definitely a special IP for us. We loved creating that game. We think it was a really good game. We would love to make a sequel to it when the time is right. That’s all we can say.”

Now this is what I call promising. It still has a bit of that undecisive tone, ie “If you believe”, but it’s promising. Until then, I will continue to bombard Kamiya-san’s Twitter account with suggestive questions like “So when does Bayonetta 2 come out?”

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