Platinum Games is Interested in the PSP2 and 3DS

Platinum Games is Interested in the PSP2 and 3DS


It turns out that developers are just as excited about the new portable consoles as we gamers are. Particularly, one of my all time favorite developers Platinum Games has conveyed this  interest in a recent interview. Founder Atsushi Inaba had this to say about the yet unreleased handhelds:


“I’m very interested in the new portable platforms. I’m looking for chances to develop for them on a daily basis.”

The only Platinum title created for a handheld system would be last year’s Infinite Space, which received mixed reception. Their other works include Bayonetta, Vanquish and MadWorld, all of which have achieved critical success and varying levels of commercial success. Their next game and first multiplayer title will be Anarchy Reigns, which is scheduled to hit HD consoles sometime this year.

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