Platinum God of War Avatars Being Awarded to Trophy Holders

Platinum God of War Avatars Being Awarded to Trophy Holders

Show off your God of War love with these sleek platinum avatars.

It seems that PlayStation players are beginning to receive platinum profile avatars from God of War. A Reddit user by the name of PegasusTenma went to the official PlayStation 4 Reddit page informing players that they received an e-mail with a code giving them the avatars. The avatars are the same as the recently released God of War gold avatars that released for the one year anniversary of the game. Everyone can now get for free through the PSN store. The pack has eleven different avatars all representing a different major character of the game.

This is not the first time that Sony has rewarded players for getting the platinum trophy for their exclusive titles. Sony has also rewarded players for getting the platinum trophy in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man.

[Image] God of War Platinum avatars being distributed now! from r/PS4

Some players on Reddit though have said that they have never received these rewards in the past after attaining their respective platinum trophy. It seems that to get the code for the God of War avatars you must opt-in to PlayStation’s promotional e-mails and apparently even then some people have problems getting these types of rewards according to commenters in the thread.

The consensus for God of War is that the platinum is relatively easy to obtain so for those who really want the avatars it shouldn’t be that difficult albeit time-consuming. God of War was considered Game of the Year for most major gaming outlets , DualShockers included, for 2018.

In our review we found God of War to be the best God of War ever and the perfect example to revolutionize a series. Currently, you can buy God of War on sale on Amazon for $30.