Platinum Not Opposed to Sequels

Platinum Not Opposed to Sequels


Platinum Games has  become renown for their exceptional penchant for interesting and exciting new IPs. Understandable considering they developed not one but two of last year’s most critically acclaimed titles: Bayonetta and Vanquish. While the studio feels passionately about inventing new IP, they would also be interested in developing sequels; that is, if fans were interested.

Producer Atsushi Inaba had this to say:

“When we first set out and created Platinum Games as a company we had nothing, We started from zero. We didn’t have any characters, IPs or brand that we could capitalise on. So creating new IPs was something of a necessity for us and everyone in Platinum Games did enjoy creating new experience and new IPs so that’s something we would like to continue as well.But once you’ve created a couple of new IPs it’s really a collaborative process between developer and fans and we should be really grateful if fans like our game or universe and they want us to make sequels. So we don’t totally, we’re not totally against creating sequels. We’ll probably continue adventuring into new genre and new IPs but at one point we might do sequels if there is a demand.”

Since it’s January 2010 release, the demand for a sequel to Bayonetta has certainly grown. In fact, it was hinted at many times last year that a sequel was in the works and there was even later discredited word of confirmation of Bayonetta 2. Unfortunately, in spite of all these things, there is still no official word on a sequel. Fiddlesticks. Hit the break for more on this exciting story.

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I for one believe that Bayonetta caused enough of a splash when it released to warrant a sequel. The sales have cleared one million and I have yet to see a bad review of the game. When asked about a sequel, Inaba replied:

“I’m not sure if I’ve said anything about Bayonetta 2 but we are aware that there were some rumours about it in the industry.

But again as a general rule as I just said we should be really grateful if there is a demand from the users. And although we can’t say anything about it specifically we don’t totally reject the idea for sequels in the future.”

Let’s hope, for the sake of unique games that don’t sell as well as more common games, that Bayonetta 2 does reach us this console generation.