PlatinumGames Announces Economic Alliance with Tencent

PlatinumGames received a capital investment from Tencent Holdings Ltd, will keep its independence and work towards self-publishing its games.

January 7, 2020

PlatinumGames announced on January 7 the studio has received a capital investment from Tencent Holdings Ltd, entering a business alliance with the Chinese game company. PlatinumGames mentioned this alliance will strengthen its foundations, and allow the studio to work towards self-publishing the games it develops in the future. Lastly, PlatinumGames will keep striving to create high-quality games and expand its business on a global scale.

PlatinumGames noted that this newfound alliance with Tencent will not influence the independence of the studio. None of its upper management or structure will be changing either.


PlatinumGames made this announcement via an official statement on the studio’s official site, The statement is signed by PlatinumGames President Kenichi Sato.

Tencent Holdings Ltd is the main shareholder of League of Legend‘s Riot Games. The company also owns shares in Activision Blizzard and Epic Games, and it’s currently the biggest game company in the world in terms of money.

All of PlatinumGames’ works, be it the Bayonetta series, NieR: Automata, or more recently Astral Chain, were published by other, bigger companies, most notably Square Enix and Nintendo. The studio moving towards self-publishing is a huge change, and means we’ll see more multi-platform Platinum games in the future.

PlatinumGames recently revealed a gameplay trailer for Babylon’s Fall, and we’ll see more in Summer 2020. We should also get Bayonetta 3 news sometime in 2020.

Tencent regularly strikes deals with Japanese companies to make new games or expand their businesses on the Chinese market.

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