Play Duke Nukem Forever in Aussie Video Game Bar

By Jon Ireson

October 13, 2010

The first video game bar in Brisbane, Australia (the Mana Bar) will play host to the game that many thought would make it to see the light of day. I personally always had faith in another Duke Nukem hitting the scene, I mean come on no more Duke is like no more Mario and that’s just impossible. A legend in his own right, Duke Nukem will be appearing in the form of Duke Nukem Forever at the Brisbane Mana Bar and gamers will get their chance to play the game on 5 systems all the way through the day to midnight. The president of Gearbox will even be there, Randy Pitchford, on deck for Q&A as well as 2K Games in attendance giving out ‘Prize Packs’ which may or may not include something to do with the game (let’s hope it does). The event will be hosted by the Mana Bar’s Yahtzee Croshaw Saturday October 16, 2010 (Brisbane time) and if you are around for a visit or would like to fly out, be sure to check out their video game themed cocktails!

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