Play EVE Online Launches

Play EVE Online Launches

I tried my hand at EVE Online a few times, I could never quite get into it, even though the concept interests me a lot.  Perhaps I just need a bunch of friends to play with, because that game is very co-op-based.  Sure, you can do some stuff solo, but it really shines when you have a lot of friends to play with.  Because of its complexity and unforgiving nature, this particular MMO, I feel, is one of the most difficult to get into.  To put it simply, if you’re not careful, you could end up losing a lot of things in the game that you spent hours, days or weeks acquiring.

To their credit, developer CCP does a pretty good job with in-game tutorials to get you up and running, as well as a pretty nice community hangout online.  Now, in addition to that, today CCP announced the launch of their Play EVE Online site, which claims to cater to new players and help them get into the world of EVE Online with as little hassle and as few “WTF” moments as possible.

That being said, it created a big “WTF” moment for me.  Here’s the official news post on the subject:

With such a wealth of information available, what do you as a player say to someone who asks you “what is EVE Online?” Today we have launched our new Play EVE Online site, which is designed to introduce new visitors to EVE Online and provide them with all the necessary information to become a great Capsuleer.

To me it looks like more of a “Here buy this and try it out!” site than actually helping new players with in-game mechanics.  Perhaps it will evolve into something more…robust?  It’s that last line that gets me, as nothing on that site helps you out with things in-game, it just gives you a brief synopsis of what the game is (which you can get on the main site), as well as at least a dozen download links to the software.  Methinks you’re still better off going to the main web site and browsing through the navigation menu on the left, as well as visiting the official forums.  But, to each their own!