Play Golf With Some Famous Nerds for Child’s Play

By John Colaw

April 22, 2011

So there’s these two guys called Tycho and Gabe (aliases I’m sure) who run some kind of cheap Arcade, I guess they’re kind of a big deal. They run this thing called Child’s Play, and I guess they’ve been doing it for awhile. Their latest venture to raise money for the organization is going to be a Golf Tournament of all things.

In all seriousness, I love Child’s Play and the feats the dynamic duo are able to accomplish with the help of their fans is always outstanding. If you’d like to play golf with them, the tournament will be taking place the Sunday before E3, June 5th that is. The Entry Fee is $150, or $175 if you’d like to rent clubs. For more details or to sign up, head over here. I wish the best of luck to them in their latest venture, though I’m sure they don’t need it.

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John Colaw

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