Play Halo? Help Haiti, Bungie Asks

Play Halo? Help Haiti, Bungie Asks

Our deepest condolences goes out to the struggling people in Haiti who are suffering more than ever after an earthquake struck their already economically fragile country. It’s not the greatest of scenes to hear or see an already suffering country go through much more agony. After the disaster, charities were established and people all over the world contributed monetary and comestible contributions.

If you haven’t donated any cash due to lack of funds and are a gamer, don’t feel bad. Bungie is organizing a free method for you to show your support to the cause. All you have to do is change your Halo 3 (or ODST) emblem to the heart seen in the thumbnail above, and play any of the games’ online modes this coming Wednesday and/or Thursday. The best part of it all? Bungie’s donating a dime for every person who does so to the Red Cross (up to a maximum donation of $77,000). If you’re interested in more information on Bungie’s generous means of donating through gaming, you can head over to their blog and read a bit more on it.

Of course, if you’re up to contributing just a bit more, you can also head to Bungie’s store and purchase a special version of the Superintendent t-shirt. All proceeds will definitely be going directly to the Red Cross.

It’s pretty amazing the great things people can whip up from the kindness of their hearts. Even through gaming we can somehow help the world in the most majestic ways. And people say that gaming doesn’t contribute to anything productive or doesn’t help the world? Where’s Jack Thompson so I can smack him on the forehead with a copy of this post…