Play Rock Band, Lose Those Pounds

Play Rock Band, Lose Those Pounds

Marc Rodwell weighed 504 pounds at the age of 22. Doctors said he needed to alter his diet of soda, pizza and video games in order to live to see two more birthdays. And so he did just that. He started eating better, went to the gym and added “Rock Band drummer” to his virtual resume.

“It sounds silly to say I play a game as an additional workout but you would be surprised how many calories you burn in two hours of drumming,” he said.

If you’ve ever hosted a Rock Band party, you can probably back the guy up. A few hours of pretending to perform are enough to work up a sweat for anyone.

Now Rodwell weights 224 pounds and gives high school and college students the world over an excuse to rock out for the remainder of their winter holidays. The Daily Mail has his story, along with before and after photos of the now-23-year-old. Although he attributes some of his weight loss to the time he’s put in behind a plastic snare, remember: He still hit the gym to shed the weight.

He also made sure to drop the sodas, curries and pizzas from his diet. Stepping on a scale and seeing an “error” message would be enough to motivate anyone.