Play the Ultimate Game of Catch with Your Son on Steam Early Access with Dad Quest

on October 4, 2016 5:09 AM

Paternal platformer Dad Quest was announced to be coming to Steam Early Access in early 2017 via press release. Developer Sundae Month has teamed up with publisher Excalibur to continue their trend of moving away from free-to-play titles to larger projects.

Gameplay literally has you throwing your son at enemies in order to reach the fabled ‘Dad Island’ while simultaneously watching your boy grow. Encourage his maturity by awarding him abilities through a skill-tree that gives the title an RPG feel and that will make many different playthroughs feel unique.

Other features include:

  • Two playable “Dads,” one masculine and one feminine
  • Collect “Dadges” from legendary Dad Bosses to unlock new Dad movement abilities and ensure your place on Dad Island
  • Collect mysterious Heirlooms that Dads can use to interact with the world in various ways
  • Give your child Toys or unlock abilities from the Skill Tree to nurture your Child and expand their combat potential
  • Discover the “Bad Dads” of legend and teach your Child the importance of good values
  • Procedurally varied levels for hours of fun gameplay and replayability
  • A catchy soundtrack packed with SNES-era nostalgia by Jack Yeates (blueskybleu)

Currently Dad Quest is only set to release on PC for Early Access on Steam in Febraury of next year. Will you be a good enough Dad to throw your son at bad enough dads?


Leif Conti-Groome is a staff writer at DualShockers who mainly focuses on indie games and crowdfunding campaigns. He was a contributor to the niche game podcast Total Control and he frequently lends his services to the Torontonian enthusiast group, The Hand Eye Society.