Play Xbox + PlayStation Games and Make Ca$h!

Play Xbox + PlayStation Games and Make Ca$h!


Straight from the imagination of gamers everywhere to reality comes a feature many have said was impossible.  Make money playing games from your living room!  While states they are not out to make anyone rich just yet, the new virtual platform will enable PlayStation and Xbox gamers to play games online competitively while winning money.  Read more for how to get free access to the beta and more.

width="125" tells us that security is their highest priority.  So hold on a second if you were thinking about cheating, don’t bother it won’t look good on your record.  Full-time community managers, that hopefully won’t be the website’s corrupt 12 year old sons, in addition to proprietary statistical software will monitor play patterns of gamers for irregularities.

width="150"Players will actually be able to wager bets of up to $5 each with their friends from Facebook, Twitter, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or within the GameSetCash community itself.  The public beta is open this month and the full version of the community will be launching this April.

width="150"Personally I’m pretty excited for this website.  Booting up my console to play the EA Sports games the community currently supports and participating in tournaments online seems like a major evolution for gaming.  Having used many of these tournament sites before I’m not quick to say it will be flawless but I will definitely be giving it a shot.  Click here to make the jump to and sign up today, its free easy and you can just use facebook connect making it a 2 click process.