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Who does not like to replay their classic NES games? If you answered ‘not interested’ please take your keyboard and proceed to beat yourself with it. Now onto the glory that is an NES cartridge that doubles as a fully functional handheld game system. I love a good mod, especially one that combines my original love of classic NES games and the artistic style of the classic cartridge. I know you may be thinking what is the point since we can get a shiny new DSi to do the same thing, but it just lacks the same style of this vintage cartridge system and does not let you play all of your classic ROMs.

This was created by a forum user by the name of Airz and fortunately he is looking to sell so if you like get your wallet ready.
Here Airz details his creation:

My nesP is basically a noname china brand portable media player, with the advantage of being able to play nes roms, and a nes controller hacked to the controls. First off the buttons on the original media player just sucked, they were so small and tight that my fingers could not easily push them. So I got the idea of modding a nes controller to it, that’s when I remembered about the above mentioned mod, and thought maybe I can cram this inside of a cartridge case with the controller. Well it worked perfect, it was like it was made to fit, I didn’t use any hot glue or anything other than some double sided tape to hold the battery in place. It’s a really tight fit though. It’s got 4gb built in memory, with a sd card slot in the inside so you could expand the memory if needed, and not only does it play nes games, but it also plays gameboy and gameboy color roms as well. 2.8” TFT LCD, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, Video player, MP3 player, FM radio, Picture viewer, Audio recorder, it’s got a camera and video camera (but I disabled them to fit in the case), built in speaker, and the best part… TV-OUT !!! so you can play on the big screen! The unit has 2 additional buttons on the front, ones power, and the other is used to navigate the main menu, basically it’s a ‘back’ button. And there is a small hole drilled in the back with a reset button behind it. The unit has 3 plug ins on the right side, AC power (to charge the battery) Mini USB (to put files on the thing) and the TV-OUT plug. I also spent some time and redid the images used for the main menu and the game selection screen.

[Via 8BitFix]

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