Deck Out Your Gaming Rig With These New PUBG Peripherals

Deck Out Your Gaming Rig With These New PUBG Peripherals

It's time to win some chicken dinners as today SteelSeries announced a new line of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds inspired peripherals for your computer.

Any seasoned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds player knows that you need the right tools to win a chicken dinner. Can’t find a scope for your SKS? Well, looks like you won’t be able to kill that player running away from you. You ran out of painkillers and energy drinks? Good luck surviving that final circle.

While being well-equipped is certainly important within the context of the game, SteelSeries has unveiled new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds peripherals so you can also be battle ready outside of the game. Launching a new keyboard, headset, mouse, and mousepad, SteelSeries’ new PUBG-inspired peripherals are perfect for the die-hard PUBG fans that didn’t pivot to Fortnite.


The crown jewel of SteelSeries’ new hardware series is certainly the PUBG branded version of the Apex M750 TKL gaming keyboard. This smaller than average keyboard swaps out certain keys with their PUBG adjacent actions and provides gamers with a tough aluminum body. Of course, as is the industry-standard with all gaming keyboard these days, the Apex M750 TKL has all of the RGB lighting that you could ever want.

The rest of the newly announced peripherals will also look familiar to gamers. SteelSeries’ PUBG headset is just a branded version of SteelSeries’ popular Arctis 5 gaming headset, while the new mouse is a branded version of SteelSeries’ Rival 310 mouse. Of course, both peripherals still have their PUBG senses of flair. The headset includes the game’s signature motto “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” on its ear piece, while the Rival 310 mouse comes adorned with an image of one of PUBG‘s highly sought after air drops.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about SteelSeries’ new collection is the fact that the hardware itself will react to PUBG‘s gameplay. Utilizing SteelSeries’ signature GameSense framework, players will be able to personalize the lighting effects on the hardware based on different in-game cues.

While no specific release date for the hardware has been announced, SteelSeries stated that the peripherals will be available sometime in Q3. Until then, sit back, relax, and keep getting killed every time you drop in Pochinki.

Check out images of the new peripherals below. To get a better look at each peripheral, including the price of each, you can head over to SteelSeries’ official website.