PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Latest Twitch Prime Loot Goes West With the Gunslinger Crate

PUBG players who want to get their western fix can now get The Gunslinger Crate through Twitch Prime.

on October 21, 2018 12:24 PM

Can’t wait for October 26, to play some Red Dead Redemption 2? Well PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has got you covered in the meantime. For a limited time with Twitch Prime, players can receive western themed DLC entitled The Gunslinger Crate. Twitch Prime players will be receiving five clothing items and two weapon skins.

The clothing items make up an entire cowboy outfit, from boots to cowboy hat. The two weapon skins mentioned give the R45 and S686 an engraving for that old gunslinger feel. Players can pick up The Gunslinger Crate now, though on Twitch’s site it is noted, “If you linked your Twitch account with your PUBG account prior to 10/10/2018 you will need to re-link your accounts through PUBG’s updated Global Account system to continue to receive loot. Follow the in-game prompts to complete account re-linking.”

In other PUBG updates, players can now use the new Skorpion Pistol included in the latest update which also contained some minor big fixes and UI improvements. On top of that, you can also check out PUBG‘s recently teased Halloween skins featuring a terrifying clown skin and nurse costume.

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