Microsoft Celebrates 4 Million PUBG Players With Free Loot Crates

Microsoft Celebrates 4 Million PUBG Players With Free Loot Crates

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds players on Xbox are getting a thank you gift courtesy of Microsoft to commemorate the game reaching 4 million active users.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has reached another milestone on the Xbox One: 4 million active players. To commemorate this, Microsoft is handing out 30,000 Battle Points to each player.

These Battle Points will be distributed to everyone who purchased the game before January 31.

These points can be put towards loot crates, whose prices increase exponentially throughout the week everytime you buy one, or towards cosmetic changes for the player’s avatar (which cost 3,000 battle points).

If you’re looking to spend your new Battle Points wisely, consider that there are six to purchase each week with the last crate costing 7,000. Players who want to get all six crates this week will spend 21,700 of their thank-you gift. Alternatively, you could save up your points and only buy 3 per week and you would be able to afford 18 crates. Of course, the longer you wait and the fewer you buy the more cost-effective you will be, but at the end of the day, we all just want one of those sweet sweet coats.

This may also serve as a thank you to players for putting up with the game preview’s unattractive performance. While the console has undergone several patches that are aimed at balancing the console separately, framerate and rendering seem to still be an issue. Nevertheless, the console’s version of PUBG has attracted an entirely different crowd who may have not been able to break into PC gaming to play the game there, where it entered 1.0 not too long ago.