PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Listed for PS4 on Korean Ratings Site

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Listed for PS4 on Korean Ratings Site

It looks like PUBG could finally be making its way to PS4 if a new rating for the game is to be believed.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was arguably the biggest game of 2017 but despite having amassed such a massive following, the game still hasn’t made its way to the current largest console install base. Well, that could be changing in the future if some new information is to be believed.

As of earlier today, the Korean Ratings Board has listed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on its site with a console designation of the PS4. No release date is given in the listing, but this seems to be our first indication that PUBG will finally be coming to the platform many have been asking for.

Currently, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is only available on consoles via Xbox One. While Microsoft has spent the last year promoting the game as much as possible at events and during live streams, the deal to bring PUBG to Xbox One was never meant to be exclusive. It seemed like only a matter of time until PUBG Corp. opted to put the battle royale title to PS4 and it seems like we might finally be nearing that happening.

If this rating is indeed true, we’ll likely hear some new information about PUBG’s arrival on PS4 from PUBG Corp. relatively soon. We’ll keep you posted on any developments that may occur over the coming days and weeks.