Playlogic Announced Fairytale Fights Free DLC

Playlogic Announced Fairytale Fights Free DLC

Fairytale Fights hits store shelves today. If you’re looking for some blood-spilling, fantasy-ish, fun infested game, I think Fairytale Fights is right for you. The best news, however, comes in the form of DLC… free DLC. Mmmm…

Playlogic announced today that its blood fetish filled game will have FREE DLC for all gamers available for a limited period of time. 90 days, people; two months; 1344 hours, whatever way you want to look at it, the thing is free.

People who buy the game before the 90 day will receive exclusive free DLC valued at just over $15 by registering on the Fairytale Fights official site. You’ll get a redeemable code, soon after, which will give you the blessing of downloading a DLC filled with the following:

  • 4 Brand New Playable Characters
  • 3 Brand New PvP Arenas

This awesome DLC deal goes great with the DualShockers Fairytale Fights giveaway, don’t ya think? Two free things for the price of just being the fantastic person you are. Sign up today, increase your chances of getting yourself a free game filled with excessive amounts of gore and cute little creatures and people, and we’ll handle the rest. Sounds good? Yes, oh yes it does.