PlayStation 2 Has Turned 19 Years Old Today

PlayStation 2 Has Turned 19 Years Old Today

The PS2, the best-selling console of all-time, is somehow almost 20 years old already.

Well here’s a post that might make you feel really old.

Today marks the 19th anniversary of the release of the PlayStation 2. While the classic console from the dawn of the millennium didn’t release in North America until October of 2000, its original release in Japan was on March 4, 2000.

Even in 2019, the PlayStation 2’s legacy is still strong and the console is still held in very high regard. As it stands, the PS2 is currently the best-selling console of all-time having sold more than 157 million units worldwide. Many of these purchases of the device, especially early on in its life cycle, were due in part to the console’s inclusion of a DVD player. For those who don’t remember what it was like when the PS2 first released, the inclusion of this DVD functionality helped sell many consoles purely because the price of the gaming system was almost equal to what some high-end DVD players cost at the time in 2000. To get both a gaming device and a DVD player in one convinced many it was a worthy investment.

Of course, the system’s staggering library of titles with franchises like God of War, Ratchet & ClankSly CooperMetal Gear Solid, and so many others helped set precedence for PlayStation and established the gaming brand like more so than the PS1 ever did. To this day, many of the franchises that spawned in the PS2 era continue on now in one way or another.

So on this 19th anniversary of the PS2, I turn it to you: what’s your favorite game on the system? Be sure to let me know down in the comments.