PlayStation 2 Finally Released in Brazil...WOW!

How we’re supposed to know this, is beyond anyone but… I could have sworn that the PlayStation 2 launched in 2000. And I thought that just about every country had access to Sony’s behemoth PS2 console during this time, or a year or so later. Apparently, this isn’t the case in Brazil, however.

It’s known that Brazil isn’t one of the most “technologically superior” countries in the world. What we know about the country is that they birth some of the finest women ever, and are probably one of Google’s biggest searches with the addition of the words “porn” and “ass.” But, aside from that, nothing is really known about the South American country… except that and the fact that they are just receiving the PlayStation 2 nine years after its initial release date.

Brazil isn’t the most “gamer friendly” areas out there. Controversial games come along, their government cracks the whip and they can’t play it. That, and the fact that piracy is as common as prostitution in Las Vegas.

The PlayStation 2, finally being released in Brazil, is now available to consumers from the Sony Style store. The price? You won’t believe me when I say this: 799 BRL (around $461) – far more expensive than the next gen PlayStation 3, which has the price-tag of $299 now. Well, at least they get the chance to experience the PlayStation 2, to say the very least.

Any takers on guessing when the PlayStation 3 will be released over there? My guess is sometime in 2020… when the PlayStation 4 is already in full swing and pushing out graphics which will make our eyes bleed.

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Yaris Gutierrez

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