PlayStation 3 and PSP Go Hacked

Today is just not Sony’s day. Reports were spreading across the web the past few days that the PlayStation 3 had been hacked, and this morning hackers released the tools necessary to install custom firmware on the PlayStation 3. The team behind the hack said that their custom firmware tool is meant for installing future homebrew applications and isn’t meant for pirating games, and it “will not allow it.” But then again, the PlayStation 3 isn’t meant for custom firmware and Sony had said it won’t allow it, so that’s just a matter of time.

News has now come out that the PSPGo has also been hacked as well. VG247 is now reporting that hackers have succesfully installed a Homebrew ISO loader onto the device, and have video of it being used to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, a digital-only game which doesn’t exist in a physical format.

The ball is now in Sony’s court, and I for one am ready to watch this back and forth battle from a safe distance. Anybody want some popcorn?

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John Colaw

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