PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.41 Update Available Now

on July 27, 2010 9:59 AM

PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.41 Update Available Now

Once you turn your PlayStation 3 on and connect to the PSN – or launch a game – you’ll be prompted with another one of those firmware updates. This time it’s firmware 3.41 making its way onto our consoles. The PlayStation.Blog states that a feature being added to the new firmware update will be the “You May Like” section to the PlayStation Store. This feature gives you the option to add the “You May Like,” which allows you to make recommendations to other PSN members. Aside from the PlayStation Store Recommendations, you’ll also be able to… do nothing. Why? Because that’s just about what you’ll be getting with this feeble update.

Already, the PlayStation community has expressed some annoyance with the current update, stating that the update is useless, for example.

With the PlayStation 3 almost four years in, a lot of PlayStation owners are more concerned with the lack of ample feature updates like the long-awaited cross-game chat options – a feature which has been requested by the community for years. Some of you aren’t happy with this update. We’d like to know what features you were or are expecting in future firmwares.

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