PlayStation 3 Is, Well... 3

It seems like only yesterday, I was working at best buy, arriving for our morning meeting, only to be greeted by over a hundred individuals. Some of these individuals had been outside for more than 5 days, but what would drive a sane person to spend an entire work week waiting outside of an electronics store? Well my friends, the answer is simple, the day was November 17, 2006 and as soon as we opened, customers could come in and purchase the newest console by Sony, the PlayStation 3.

With the prior success of the PlayStation 2, many believed the PlayStation 3 would break records, regardless of the outlandishly high price. Many people thought that Sony would crush Nintendo’s newest console, the Wii, which was set to launch 2 days later. However, the PlayStation 3 has traveled a long, hard road to this point, with the highly addicting, low priced Wii releasing 2 days after (which surprised a lot of people–the popularity of the Wii, not the release date). Also the release was plagued by a “lack of games” as well as multiplatform releases that looked more like lazy ports. However, the PlayStation 3 did not go the way of the Dreamcast, Sony continued to back the product and put forth effort to improve the experience.

If the PlayStation 2 is any sort of indicator, then the PlayStation 3 has a long full life ahead of it. I remember in May of 2008, I had just turned 21 and had $500 dollars burning a hole in my pocket. I knew exactly what I was going to do with that money too. I had, ever since November 2006, dreamed of getting myself a PlayStation 3. Although, at the time, I wanted it mainly for Final Fantasy XIII… 2 weeks after purchasing my PlayStation 3 and several games, I got to experience my first real big time PlayStation 3 title, Metal Gear Solid 4. MGS 4 blew me away, the graphics, the sound, the presentation; this game truly showed me what the PlayStation 3 could do, and it left me wanting more.

Although the future is uncertain, PlayStation 3 owners know that they have a lot to be excited about. They have years and years of fun still ahead on the PlayStation 3, and the year 2010 is going to be a huge year for gaming on the PlayStation 3. With the price down and sales up, I think that the PlayStation 3 is finally in a good spot. Happy Birthday PlayStation 3! (I hope I didn’t sound like Jack Tretton there)

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Evan Velez

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