PlayStation 3 Version of Payday 2 Recieves Update Bringing Most PC Content Over, Xbox 360 Patch to Follow

on June 25, 2014 5:30 AM

The console versions of Payday 2 have lagged behind the PC, something which has is set to change, developer Overkill Software has announced.

The patch brings over a set of additions that have been in existance in the PC version for a while. Players on PlayStation 3 will now be able to toggle between single and automatic fire on their guns, and will also have to contend with the Cloaker, an enemy which can catch the robbers by suprise. The patch also adds in a new skill tree labled the Infamy sytem.

Accompanying the patch, a set of downloadable additions have also been ported, featuring  The Armored TransportGage Pack #1 and Gage Pack #02.

An Xbox 360 update is also planned, but is currently still under development, Overkill Software said.