The Witness’ PlayStation 4 Pro Update Released, Supporting HDR and 4K

on November 19, 2016 3:52 AM

It’s time to re-invest time into the beautiful world of The Witness — according to developer Jonathan Blow, the PlayStation 4 Pro is out now. Blow has previously officially announced support for the mid-generation system around the time it was first released.

According to the patch notes, there will be some benefit to people with and without the new PlayStation 4 Pro. For those sticking to their base-model consoles, you have received HDR support — a boon for people with HDR compatible TVs.

Meanwhile, those with the PlayStation 4 Pro will now have the option of outputting in one of the three modes:

  • 1080p, 60fps, 4x MSAA (1080p TV support)
  • 1440p, 60 fps, 2x MSAA — upscaled to 4K, with text and UI rendered in 4K (4K TV support)
  • 4K 2x MSAA rendering, 30 fps

In comparison, the base model PlayStation 4 is only able to hit 900p, 60fps, 2x MSAA.

The Witness first released on Windows and PlayStation 4 on January 26, 2016, and was eventually brought to Xbox One on September 13th. DualShockers reviewed The Witness saying it was “a remarkable achievement, and ultimately, such a pleasurable playing experience.”

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