PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Pre-Orders Might Be Harder to Find

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Pre-Orders Might Be Harder to Find

If you're looking to snag the digital edition of the PlayStation 5, you might find yourself struggling to obtain one.

Even though Sony said a few weeks back that pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 would be announced well ahead of time for consumers to prepare, the PS5 is now available for pre-order after the company said that pre-orders would go live tomorrow. Despite that, the console is naturally selling like hotcakes with people scrambling to different retailers to try and reserve the box, but those who are looking to pick up the digital edition might find themselves in a tougher spot than physical adopters.

There have been several first-hand reports that GameStop has been getting significantly smaller allocations of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition than the normal console which comes with the disc drive. Cheap Ass Gamer on Twitter, spoke of their personal interaction at a local GameStop store where one of the employees explained that their store was allocated only 14 PS5s with only two of them being digital editions.

I also went to my local GameStop to pre-order my PlayStation 5 and while I did not ask about my store’s allocation I did learn some interesting information while I was there. According to a GameStop employee, the company gets 70% of the PlayStation 5 stock across all U.S. retailers who will sell the system. Each store is given an initial number of consoles for pre-order, but if more of the PlayStation accessories are purchased as well, that will potentially give stores more units during the pre-order process.

Currently, there is no way for us to prove this information to be true, but it seems to be an ongoing trend of buyers learning that GameStop doesn’t have many digital edition PS5s available. There is currently no word regarding this situation at other major retailers like Walmart, Target, or Best Buy, however, VGC reported that according to “publishing sources,” the digital edition is expected to have fewer units available by a wide margin. Just to be safe, unless you’re adamant about getting the digital edition, maybe take what you can get and get the disc version of the PlayStation 5 instead.

Most retailers are currently sold out of the PlayStation 5, but there is a possibility of more going into stock as we approach the November 12 launch date. Amazon has also yet to take to pre-orders. For all information for PS5 pre-orders check out our page dedicated to direct you right to what you’re looking for.