PlayStation 5 Fan Art Presents Some Awesome Gaming Characters in Celebration of Launch

PlayStation 5 Fan Art Presents Some Awesome Gaming Characters in Celebration of Launch

Check out this wonderful PlayStation 5 family fan art celebration by OBlackThunderO.

Just in case you haven’t heard yet, the PlayStation 5 price and launch date was finally revealed last night. Sony announced that the PS5 will launch on November 12, 2020, in select regions followed by November 19 worldwide. The Digital Edition of the PS5 will go for $399 while the standard version accompanied by a disc drive will sell for $499. Although most of the titles shown at the event weren’t a huge surprise as many were already known, a cheeky little teaser for God of War 2 proved to be a crowd favorite putting an end to rumors and speculation. In celebration of PlayStation 5’s launch date, artist OBlackThunderO has crafted a fabulous PS5 fan art piece that includes many of the gaming characters coming to the console.

If you are a God of War fan and have spent some time on Twitter, you may have already seen some of BlackThunder’s work already. Their love for all things Kratos is amazing to see and here at DualShockers, we love to showcase their art pieces and today is no different. In celebration of the PlayStation 5 event yesterday, BlackThunder has come in with a vibrant and bold work of art that highlights some of the characters we will see appearing on the new system. Right at the top of the fan art we notice a huge and wonderful side profile of Aloy from Horizon: Forbidden West. We know that Aloy’s new adventures were announced back in June during PlayStation’s The Future of Gaming Showcase, but not too much is known about her story other than it’s coming sometime next year on PS5 and PS4.


To the far right of the image, there’s no denying who that could be. Coming in swinging is the one and only Miles Morales as the incredible Spider-man. At the PlayStation 5 event, we got to see more of Miles doing his thing in a brand new game demo that showcased some gorgeous scenery and, of course, plenty of combat scenes. You’ll also find the mighty Mjölnir hammer in the image too (see if you can find it) which is in reference to the newly teased God of War 2. Wielded by Thor, the God of Thunder, the hammer made a brief appearance at the secret end of God of War (2018) when Thor appears in front of the home of Kratos and Atreus.

Other notable gaming characters scattered across BlackThunder’s fan art is the cute little orange kitty from Stray, Kena from Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and Bugsnax. There is plenty of characters to explore in this great fan art piece so see if you can find and name them all! Also, it really would make a great screensaver for PlayStation fans out there. You can check out more of BlackThunder’s fan art over on their Twitter or Instagram.

If you’re wondering what all comes included with the PlayStation 5, check out this article which outlines all you can expect to come inside the box. At this time, many retailers are currently sold out of the PlayStation 5, but there is a possibility of more going into stock as we approach the November 12 launch date. For all information for PS5 pre-orders check out our page dedicated to direct you right to what you’re looking for.