PlayStation Adding New Feature To 23-Year Old PS1 Game For PS Plus

May 19, 2022

PlayStation seems to be going beyond just bringing back its Classics on PS Plus, as it is also adding some new features along the way.

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The official Twitter account of Bend Studio, the team behind the critically acclaimed Days Gone and Syphon Filter franchise has announced that Syphon Filter will be getting Trophy Support when it makes its way to PlayStation Plus in a few weeks. As soon as the news was announced, fans were quite excited as games back in the day didn’t have any kind of Trophy support, since this feature was released from the PS3-era onwards.


PlayStation Adding New Feature To 23-Year Old PS1 Game For PS Plus

Unsurprisingly, there are some enthusiast trophy hunters as well, who quickly started enquiring whether the game will be getting a Platinum Trophy or not. The developers issued a subsequent clarification stating that the game will indeed be featuring a Platinum Trophy as well, which is called “Excellent work, Agent.”

The immediate question a lot of players might have is whether Xbox’s backward compatibility features this as well. While original Xbox games do have some visual enhancements and faster load times, achievements are still missing from the games. There are obviously some players who don’t care at all about achievements, but there is still a sizeable chunk of the fanbase who enjoy hunting down those achievements.

Whether this trend will be following in the other PlayStation classics as well is something that is not known at this point. However, it is very much possible that Bend Studios has set a precedence that will be followed by other developers as well. That being said, one shouldn’t expect the same for third-party titles as it is extremely less likely to happen.

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