PlayStation All-Stars Beta Gets a 2.00 Update, Minor Updates To Character Balance

SuperBot Entertainment and Sony today released a new 2.00 beta update for the cross-title platform fighter, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Though the update does not feature any new characters or stages, there are quite a bit of character adjustments featured in this beta. In an attempt to make meter building a little more reasonable across the board, slight adjustments were made to the amount of AP built from moves such as Radec’s sniper rifle.

Also, a number of aspects regarding the setup and properties of level 1 supers were adjusted. Preliminary reports state that Kratos now runs slightly farther on his level 1, but doesn’t lunge as far on his swing. Also, the aerial spear move (forward + triangle) no longer provides enough stun to combo into Kratos’s level 1. The vertical hitbox of Parappa’s level 1 seems to be enhanced, making it better as a dragon punch type maneuver.

Lastly, the immediately noticeable changes are that the game’s basic UI has changed from blue to purple, the glitch that caused no character to use their win pose at the end of the match seems to be rectified, and the Spear of Destiny was added as an item. Attacking someone with the spear will cause them to explode a few seconds later, doing splash meter damage to anyone in the immediate vicinity. All in all, a pretty small update, but we’ll see how SuperBot changes the game in the weeks to come.

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