PlayStation All-Stars DLC Detailed

PlayStation All-Stars DLC Detailed

Sony has released new details for the two upcoming downloadable characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and an announcement for the first of downloadable levels.

Kat from Gravity Rush makes use of her gravity powers to fight and focuses on aerial movement and attacks. She does not feature a double jump due to her ability to fly for a certain amount of time in eight different directions. Kat has the ability to create gravity wells to pull in enemies and set them up for attacks.


Emmett Graves from Starhawk features several weapons from Starhawk to battle it out against opponents. He can call down a bunker that allows him to switch out weapons to make use of different combinations of firepower. The loadouts vary from  focusing on longer range arsenal to those meant for upclose combat.

Outside of these characters, the DLC level Fearless will combine elements from the games Heavenly Sword and Wipeout. Fans of Heavenly Sword will enjoy the battling on the high column supported by gigantic ropes while Bohan forces watch. The Wipeout portion of the level has players fighting on a race track from the game with dangers to avoid while battling it out.

PlayStation All-Stars owners have a ton to look forward to next year when this DLC is released, especially since Kat and Emmett will be free to download for a limited time after release. Until then check out the shots showing off the stage and characters below.